A successful exhibit engages the viewer as it tells a story. It seeks to answer the questions and increase understanding. Our designers are proficient in creating exhibits that blend images, words, sounds and artifacts that entertain, educate and enlighten.

We have worked with many federal and state agencies to produce interpretive projects since 1989. These include the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Army Corps of Engineers and Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation, just to name a few. IE has also worked with dozens of private and non-profit groups to provide successful interpretative projects and tradeshow exhibits.

For years, Interpretive Exhibits has been one of only two facilities in the US that fabricates fiberglass embedded interpretive signage. Want to learn how to design an interpretive sign? Click here.

Design Capabilities For Exhibits
   • graphic design
   • digital printing
   • 3-D topographic model construction
   • diorama construction
   • fiberglass embedment
   • interpretive signage (download our SIGN Material Guide)
   • model-making


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The panels look wonderful! They’ve got the ‘WOW’ factor I was always striving for, something to make people stop and look! The artwork is brilliant.

– Matthew Shepherd
Tryon Creek State Park, Oregon